Outpatient Treatment Program for Substance Abuse

Now accepting Medicaid Coverage at our Lumberton and Rocky Mount outpatient opioid and heroin rehab centers. Please contact individual clinics for admission information.  

Our Philosophy:

Chemical dependency/substance abuse is a progressive, chronic, and life-threatening disease.  Addiction to Narcotics is an illness that our Methadone drug treatments and rehab centers can help with.

Our Mission:
Our Mission is to provide individualized drug counseling, education, Methadone drug treatments and Buprenorphine maintenance to opioid-dependent adults in a safe, medically sound outpatient opioid and heroin rehab center
Our Mission is also to provide opportunities for patients to explore, change, and
strengthen themselves, so they can lead healthy and productive lives. Outpatient Methadone drug treatments, combined with support and care from our rehab center, can get you past your opioid or heroin addiction.