Opiate Addiction


Know the signs so you can help 

Understanding Addiction

A key part of understanding opioid and heroin addiction is that it triggers an individual’s involuntary responses – this chronic need restructures the brain. The result is poor stress management, lapses in judgment, ability to learn and retain information, and behavioral impulses.

Opioid Information

Clinical studies have led us to believe that 80% of today’s heroin users were first addicted to prescription painkillers. A recent surge in heroin use is largely tied to the regulation of painkillers. This results in heroin abuse being an inexpensive option for those who were first addicted to opioids through painkillers.

How Can You Help Your Loved One?

Caring for someone with opioid and heroin addiction can be difficult, but you play a vital role in providing encouragement and motivation. Through your loving actions, you can offer the encouragement needed to seek treatment and maintain their road to recovery. Our North Carolina addiction center for opioids and heroin is here to help on this journey.