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Supporting those facing opioid addiction

If you are worried that a loved one is addicted to opiates, like painkillers or heroin, it can be a very scary time. Drug addiction is a serious condition, and you may feel unsure of what to do next. Thankfully, there are resources available to help you navigate this situation, and get your friend or family member the assistance they need to get clean. The first thing to understand is that opiate addiction is a complex disease, affecting the brain and functions like memory, moods, and decision-making. Your loved one is struggling with many different internal issues, and could really use your support and encouragement.

At Aurora Health, we offer a holistic addiction treatment approach in North Carolina, including counseling, medication assistance, and social resources. This multifaceted strategy has been shown to be more effective in the long-term than medication assistance alone. We aim to help each patient heal their minds, bodies, and spirits, and to create a sustainable plan for recovery.

If you want to learn more about opiate addiction and how to help someone who may be suffering from it, reach out to us. We always honor your confidentiality, and will show you and your loved one the respect you both deserve.

Recovery Starts Now

Overcoming addiction can be difficult, but you are not alone.