A customized plan for treatment

Successful opioid addiction treatment is so much more than medication administration; holistic drug addiction counseling and social support from our North Carolina outpatient drug rehab clinic in Rocky Mount is critical to long-term recovery. Professional addiction specialists, licensed substance abuse counselors, and other behavioral health professionals are a vital part of your recovery plan. We provide one-on-one counseling, family counseling, and group counseling services from our outpatients drug rehab clinic in Rocky Mount, to help you better understand yourself and how to conquer your addiction.

The North Carolina drug addiction therapy and counseling centers in Aurora’s health network teach you more about how addiction works, and what your individual triggers may be, so you can create a customized plan for handling the stresses of modern life, without turning back to your drug of choice. At Aurora Health, our counselors are here to assist you in making healthier choices and getting back on your feet after a period of addiction. When you take a holistic approach to healing addiction like the methods used by our North Carolina addiction therapists, you will find greater results, thanks to the positive combination of counseling, social interaction, medication assistance, and other therapeutic programs.

When you want to put your addiction behind you, counseling is an integral piece of the puzzle. Reach out to us to learn more about our therapy and counseling services for opiate addiction in North Carolina.

Recovery Starts Now

Overcoming addiction can be difficult, but drug addiction therapy and counseling can make it so that you are not alone.