Stories & Testimonials


Be inspired to begin your journey to wellness

“The staff are very caring and will help anyone wanting to be on maintenance treatment. They have saved my life.”


“The staff is very committed to helping you achieve and keep your sobriety. Deciding to go there has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Even with some slips along the way, the staff has always been there to help me out.”

“My husband and I both are parents at this clinic. We have been there for approx. 2 years. We both came from another clinic and both had a hard time at the clinic we were at. When we came to JTC, we were blown away with how much better EVERYTHING was. We have different counselors and we both really like our counselors. My counselor has helped me out a great deal. Great clinic…”


“Because of this place, I got my life back; I’m beyond thankful that such a place exists and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone that is looking to break free from addiction.”


“I came here from another clinic and have been here almost a year. I love that they go above and beyond for their patients!”



“If you want the help and less drama on the streets and want your life back, this place is where to go. Don’t judge till you walk that walk!”