Our Vision


Philosophy and Mission

Our Philosophy

We believe that substance abuse and chemical dependency is a progressive, chronic and life-threatening disease. Chemical dependency, if left untreated, produces very predictable symptoms and affects not only the substance abuser, but impacts the family and significant others in a very negative way. Opioid addiction requires a very specialized, holistic approach. We utilize evidence based medically assisted treatment in a multidisciplinary approach that includes a complete physical exam with our Medical Director, blood analysis, urinalysis, individual and group counseling, case management including appropriate referrals, patient and family education, and relapse prevention skills, to mention just a few.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive substance abuse treatment including individualized counseling, education, and methadone or buprenorphine maintenance to opioid dependent adults in a safe, medically sound and therapeutic environment.

Our mission is also to provide opportunities for patients to explore, change, and strengthen themselves so that they can lead healthy and productive lives.

Recovery Starts Now

Overcoming addiction can be difficult, but you are not alone.